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is this a scam?

i have recently received an offer from chris munce a racing tipster.very well put together and very convincing.has anybody had any dealings with him.i would be very grateful for any advice.

LEOSLOT  Thurs 23/10/08 17:05
Thurs 23/10/08
Excellent Rating

it dosent look good!

Thurs 23/10/08
Excellent Rating
Leo. Leave well alone, anybody who tries to sell you a system of betting is a rip off merchant. If he was that good why does he still need to work ??????????
Fri 24/10/08
i got this as well, but im not sure if the chris munce the ex australian jockey that comes up from the google searches is the same one that is offering this tip service.
Thurs 04/12/08
I seem to get 'em all, Munce, Delmonte, Sullivan and uncle Tom Cobbley an' all. They're all over-priced rubbish. Except Delmonte who is over-priced, rubbish and useless!
I have recently, whilst surfing the web, come upon Universal Betting Systems, who so far seem very reasonably priced and do come up with the goods.
Tue 09/12/08
Yeah, I have some advice, with respect, file the bloody thing in the waste-paper bin. Over-priced and NOT as reliable as many others are.
Fri 12/12/08
I thought it would be an interesting exercise to collect all of mailing received from these so called tipsters over the past month or so - I've had Danny Sullivan,Chris Munce, Andrew Lowry (twice), Bryan Templeman, Simon John, Gary Henderson, Gyles Parkin and Racehorse Investments.

That's a lot of "experts" in a very short period of time. The most professional looking one has been Racehorse Investments - Nice looking brochure and website. I'm just surprised that I've had nothing yet from Colin Davey - I usually get something from him a least once a year!

Anybody got any comments regarding any of the above?
Tue 08/09/09
i would rather look at something like uncle ernies system... that seem to work well for some people! smile
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