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golf ball distance carry

I can hit an 8 iron on average 145 yards, no wind & at sea level.

if i was to hit the same shot/club in different parts of the world, ie, sawgrass, the dubai classic. how much does the air temperature and amospheric pressure affect the carry distance of the ball. boring question i kinow, but i will never be able to play golf abroad. thanks

pmc1888  Thurs 31/01/08 15:37
Sat 02/02/08
The warmer the climate, the further the ball will travel, if hit correctly. The temperature affects the resilience of the ball. The more resilient it is, the further it will go. The professionals used to line golf balls on top of radiators in their hotel rooms and leave them on all night before each days' play. You could try that one to see if you can hit it further.
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