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reliable brands

I am about to start looking for a new mountain bike and am undecided on what brand to go for. I want a hardtail around the 500 mark. I have been told so far that the GT avalanche is probably my best bet. Can anyone recomend anything else.
PS......My last bike was a carrera vulcan and it was a shocking bike with an endless list of problems, so none of those please.

lordster  Tue 02/09/08 23:40
Tue 02/09/08
Most importantly, I'd recommend you get down to your local bike shop and actually'ride' a few different brands. Different manufacturers produce frames with different geometry and ride characteristics e.g. GT frames come up quite 'long': I ride a GT Zaskar and it fits me fine whereas friends feel its too 'stretched out'. Also, a 500 bike from one manufacture may have more suitable individual specced components over another - it all depends what type of riding you want to do, e.g. longer travel front susp. forks or disc brakes.

Also look at bikes by Specialized, Kona and Trek for your budget.
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