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Cow corner

With 6 o'clock on the boundary behind the bowler and 12 o'clock behind the receiving batsman where is cow corne?, and why is it so called when there are no corners on a cricket field?

Sonyme  Wed 12/09/07 11:38
Hammond Egg
Wed 12/09/07
It's around 4 o'clock, assuming the batsman is right-handed.

I presume it's called a corner because 'corner' alliterates with 'cow shot', though what always used to be called a 'cow shot' is now called a 'slog sweep'.

I'm sure someone else will know why it used to be called a cow shot!
Wed 12/09/07

Question Author

Thankyou for that. I have been watching the second one-sided twenty/20 match of today - hence the delay in answering.
Having watched nearly all televisee cricket I have heard the expression many times but could never quite work ot where - it seems to be anywhere between 3 o'clock and 6 depending on commentator( What a lovely life they have!)
Wed 12/09/07
Cow Shot 1. n. colloquial term for a lofted shot played by a batsman towards cow corner.
Wed 12/09/07
OOps !! Pasted wrong one.

Cow Corner 1. n. colloquial term for the region of the field foreward of deep square leg, where unskilled batsmen tend to hit the ball in the air when attempting to hit hard and score boundaries.
Thurs 20/09/07
Unskilled, i think you are talking from your ar$e. That is a hard shot as the timing and placement must be accurate to avoid being caught.
Wed 26/09/07
it's like 4 0 clock like hammond Egg said. Theres no caroners on a cricket field because otherwise the boundaries would either be too shorts at the sides or too long to cow corner.
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